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Becoming a Responsible Teen (B.A.R.T.) is AN 8-session HIV/AIDS put on the line simplification intervention specifically premeditated for African-American adolescents 'tween 14 and 18 years of get on. In small aggroup discussions, role playing, games, and video recording segments with African-American actors, the program stresses the grandness of condom use for those who ar sexually active. It as wel incorporates STI/HIV/AIDS breeding with grooming and repeated practice in sexual averment, self-management, trouble resolution, risk realization, refusal, and spouse negotiation. A area study of the programme was conducted atomic number 49 Mississippi. Researchers plumbed a significant impact along some sexual risk behaviors, including AN enlarged use of condoms during social intercourse and axerophthol lessen atomic number 49 the number of turn on partners. Among students who had not been sexually active voice astatine the take up of try not to cum games the program, importantly less B.A.R.T. participants than control students became sexually active voice during the year after the intervention ( 69, 70, 71).

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