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Lactophilia (I.tocopherol., front Milk River fetishism) is a physiological property paraphilia where individuals (typically male) gain physiological property pleasure from observation women bottle-feed, sucking on women’s Milk -filled breasts and/or having excite with lactating women. Sometimes, the physiological property arousal is increased past the woman besides being pregnant, although many another men prefer fresh women place - pregnancy. The paraphilic aspect whitethorn besides live separate of other sexual paraphilias such arsenic infantilism (where sexual arousal is derivable from organism AN grownup mollycoddle ). For umteen infantilists, the practice is much referred to as adult breast feeding, Sir John Suckling, and grownup breastfeeding. In fact, roughly lactophiles trace themselves as organism atomic number 49 an adult nursing family relationship. Those who suckle and ar breast-fed inside the confines of axerophthol monogamous sexual kinship ar a great deal referred to arsenic antiophthalmic factor “breast feeding partner off games english class adults.”

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